Ciao a tutti,

I know, I know, long time no see! What can I say, I’ve been busy. Since May I started having holidays for a few days each month to discover Italy. 

So, in May my first adventure was with my beautiful girls, Juliette and Reme. We rented a car, and we had a small tour in Tuscany. First stop Firenze. If you ever go there, I suggest you have brunch at Le Vespe Café. I’m sure most of you expected a sightseeing place or museum or street. Well, no, this brunch tops it all. Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t have a hiccup during this tour. After visiting Firenze, Siena, Volterra, Piombino, isola d’ Elba and Bologna, on our last day while driving back home and making a stop at a lake on the way I scratched the wheel while trying to park. Oups, I know it’s just a scratch, but it cost us a lot of money. Sorry girls.

Next stop, June, and Venezia with Juliette. Again, when you go there you need to visit Iguana, a Mexican restaurant. It’s so funny to me because while writing this I’m also realising that it looks like I enjoyed the food more than the places. It’s not true, I’ve enjoyed both equally. Burano was my favourite in this area. Beautiful colours.

Also during this time, we managed to have a bath at the beach which was great.

Jullyyyyyyy!! And my sister arrived!!!!!!! This was a sisterhood trip. Me, Juliette and our sisters, Eleni and Romane visited us in Italy, and we all went to Sardegna. At first, flights were cancelled and delayed, we encounter a very strange taxi driver that didn’t seem to know Olbia, but we finally made it to our place after almost a whole day. For this one I wouldn’t give any suggestions as we made an error, and we lost another day driving from Olbia to Cagliari (8 hours of driving). You can laugh in my face about it, I’m still laughing at myself. One thing I can say is that YOU NEED A CAR THERE!

But we were fortunate enough to have been at some beautiful beaches. After we parted ways and me and my sister had an amazing stay at Cinque Terre. It’s a magical place. Riomaggiore it’s a must! I also wanted to show my sister where I live and work, so we visited Casa Lamar together and did the SUP at the lake.

August was the friendship honeymoon. Six of my friends visited me from Cyprus. Organising this trip really felt that I was some kind of a travel agent! It was sooooo much fun, we did sooo many things. We’ve been to Rome dancing on a bridge all night, we had beer with some local people, we were awake almost 24 hours. I thought I wouldn’t make it to bed but it totally worth it. Next stop Amalfi coast! So beautiful! From there we ended up at Capri, where we rented a boat for a day, and we did the whole tour of the island. This was the best highlight of these holidays. Coming next Napoli!!!!! OMG!! What a great city!!!! For me it was a mixture of India and Europe. I loved it. It’s unique to the places I visited in Italy so far. Coming back though from the last holidays I found an empty apartment with no flatmate anymore. And it hit me. I knew it was coming of course, but my mind didn’t comprehend it. I miss you baby! So much! I can’t wait for our next meeting in October and for our future adventures together.

And since that day there was a sequence of changes in my life here in Italy. Even before I had the time to accept my new living circumstances and with Juliette leaving, I found out that within a week a new person was coming to live with me. I had to cha

nge rooms, rearrange and clean the whole apartment to accommodate this newcomer. His name is Sergio, and I hope he brings his two cats soon. Also, the new girl is coming on the 20 th . At work there is a debate, they are not sure if a Polish or a French is coming. We will find out in the next episode, I guess. It’s a bit hard for me to go through so many changes at a small period of time, but I believe it’s a way to build self-resilience when life is unexpected. I am practising for that, I guess.

As far as my project goes, I love that I have been given new responsibilities, like driving the residents to doctor appointments, or doing the weekly shopping for the home. I am really happy about that. Pfff it’s been long because it’s been a while. I’m done for now. Stay tuned guys! A la prossima. To be continued…..

P.S. I miss my dogs.

-Christina Theodorou


It’s been 9 months. Nobody really prepares you for when you are about to leave. I have almost built my habits in this place. I even felt so easy and cozy when I returned after a holiday. And it will soon go away. 

I would wake up kinda late, have a ‘cafe lungo in vetro’ at 10:30, lunch at 13:30, leave work at 16:30 to run to the station to catch the train to Caldonazzo to swim a kilometer....return, make dinner and meet at Christina’s balcony to listen to music and chill. (this is for my future self to see what my most days looked like)

The trip around Europe was intense. Mushroom hunting in Austria and feeling poor in Geneva. And Marseille bebe… it made such an amazing impression on simply being Marseille. Marseille felt honest, no filters, no lies. The symphony in Verona Arena was lukewarm (I was too poor for good seats), Rome was too grand for my liking (I did take awesome photos), Vatican’s Museums were impressive and Napoli was just messy enough for me to feel calm in it. 

I reiterate, Italy is the best country for a traveller.

I am in a misty mood. A bit foggy. Like I slept 20 minutes too little. And when I think of happy thoughts, I am reminded of the books Betty gifted me in Marseille, Arthur’s tiny balcony after a long nap and a bit of wine I drank in the middle of Caldonazzo. 

I wanna go for a run. Or a swim. It’s too cold for a swim. Maybe I’ll go run. 

-Sagar Ghimire

Primo estate a Italia e anche il mio primo blog post in italiano (scusi il mio italiano, questo è lo migliore che posso fare dopo di 11 mesi), il mio ultimo post era di maggio e veramente depresso, tutto e tropo diverso ora.
Juliette ha finito il suo progetto e ha restituito alla Francia, anche Laura y Julia sono restituite alla Germania.
Gli miei nuovi conviventi sono Angel, Juan e Jakub. Sono veramente fortunata di avere Angel e Juan, siamo tre spagnoli al appartamento, è come una piccolissima famiglia spagnola. Christina è una persona molto speciale per me, con lei mi sento come quando sono con la mia sorella e posso parlare de qualcosa senza paura di essere giudicati.
Abbiamo conosciuto tantissimi Trentini (Grazie a Angel e il suo progetto veramente e anche a Juan e alla sua socievolezza) e la città se senti come casa, è difficile da accettare che il finale non è lontano, che in meno di 2 mesi Trento non va a essere la mia casa, magari mai ritorno qui (Ancora non è sicuro, forse sono fortunata e posso restare qui un po' pìu).
Ma per ora ho tantissime esperienze che esperimentare, tantissimo che guardare è proprio tantissimo che imperare (italiano specialmente, lo so)
Il mio Ferragosto ha stato terribile, caldissimo e un po' solitario, ma ho andato a Crema, il posto dove si ha fatto il film Call me by your name è la esperienza ha stato bellissima, era la prima cosa che volevo di fare in Italia!
Queste sono alcune foto di queste mese, il mio prossimo blogpost è il ultimo…

Come se dice in Spagna: BAJONA.

This the last post for the volunteers blog. It feels strange because I didn’t write anything here for a long time, the last one was probably for Christmas, and since then I lived an entire life.

I wouldn’t have enough place to write everything that happened those last months, and honestly I am not sure I would want to either. 
I feel mixed feelings about this post. I explain myself, it is the last one and it shoud be like short and happy resume about this ten month’s adventure, but I didn’t digest everything I lived in Italy yet, and I still feel sad that I left so it doesn’t sounds like writing a resume is the best idea. 
So I decided to write about now, about the coming back (who knows maybe it will be useful for someone in the future). 
Guys, coming back is kind of difficult !! I mean if you lived one of your best life experience as I did, the return isn’t easy. In the sense that you put so much effort at the beginning of the volunteering to adapt to your new context, that one day you forget it is not always been your comfort zone, people there have not always been your friends. You forget it until the moment you come back and you have to readapt to what used to be your life before. It is like what was known is now the unknown and vice versa. But I guess that’s how you know that you lived what you had to live at 100%. 
So, at the end I think I can say that I am grateful to be able to be sad today, because it is the sign that everything I experienced this year was really great. And indeed, I think I can say that coming in Italy was one the best decision I have taken. I learned so much about myself, I grow (even if Sagar always laugh when I say that ) it is true, and gain self-confidence. And of course I gain amazing friends, I won’t give a shout out to them on this post because, first they already know everything, and secondly it would be BEAUF as fuck ! ! (They all know what it means). 
But I let you with some pictures of my ten months here. I had to chose ten pictures but I couldn’t (I mean ten pictures among 2500 that I took it was too difficult ) so I let Reme choose them among a selection I made (go baby show them what we’ve got). 


-Juliette L'her


My name is Juan, and I´m coming from the south of Spain. I arrived in Trento four months ago since now. I can consider myself a lucky one; right after my arrival, Italy was getting over to a long-lockdown period, and most of the shops and cultural centres were reopening.

I decided to become a volunteer in Trento because I was already aware of my hosting NGO activities, as I have already lived in the north of Italy. As I could speak Italian before the present experience, my integration at work and with the local population has been very fast. Since the beginning, I have been part of some of the exciting projects that the Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale, the organization where I´m volunteering, manages.

Life in Trento is relaxing, and for those mountain lovers definitely, this place is a fantasy. The city is between the Dolomites mountain and the Alps, so there is an activity to practise nature every week. Also, the fact that we have lakes around is fantastic, as we can confront the warm temperatures of the summer by swimming in the fresh lakes.

Even though I have spent most of my weekends travelling around the region, I have had a great time here in the short free period I have been in Trento. I have many international and local friends, so it is always a pleasure hanging around with them and just enjoying the city.


My name is Jakub and I have started my volunteering experience after leaving the world of corporate finance and lengthy spreadsheets behind. Although that was a leap of faith on my side I do not regret making this decision. Au contraire; each day proves that I have made a choice that I will thoroughly enjoy. I do what I like and what I am good at, I live a social life that leaves out nothing to be desired. 

Now, do not get me wrong and think there are no difficulties involved, which would be an obvious lie. There are people I still cannot understand, things I need to relearn and new places that I need to get accustomed to. It makes my brain boil when I realize how much this city is different to those cities I lived in previously, to what extent daily interactions vary from the place of my origin. Roaming around the place I pay attention to details I would not have paid attention to, finding an utter joy in discovering foreign culture gesture by gesture, word by word, one coffee or Aperol Spritz at the time. I am sinking into Trento voluntarily and I feel this place sucks me into a warm embrace too.

I would encourage anyone who is open to new experiences and values interesting acquaintances to give volunteering a try. There is no shortage of outspoken people you will meet here - I am yet to meet someone bleak, but I reckon this is unlikely to happen nonetheless. Since the people who take up this sort of challenge are rather adventurous I keep finding myself in awe of the stories they tell. And down the line there will be stories and memories I will create with them. These people have already rendered my perspectives richer and I am not even halfway through!


-Jakub Kania